PhotoRocket Wants To Help You Share Photos

PhotoRocket is a new service that debuted at DEMO Spring 2011. The service aims to make an overly-complicated process simpler: sharing photos with your friends and family.  Smartphone users can share photos by uploading photos to Facebook or Twitter using apps, utilize email to send them directly to a targeted audience or other services or utilities?

On one hand, Email is private and doesn’t plaster your photos online to services where you may question privacy practices. On the other hand, services such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to share your photos with a broader group of people. However, what if there was an in-between method that allows you share photos with whom you want or whatever service you wish?

PhotoRocket aims to be that service. The application is available for Windows, Mac and iPhone (Uhm, launching a mobile service in 2011 with no Android client…what the heck!?). The service can push photos to popular service sich as Picasa, Flickr and Shutterfly (with more being added, according to the company’s PR). The study says that 2/3 of the times a person shares a photo online, they use email. With Photorocket, you can simply choose a photo and specify an individual, group or service to send the photo to.

To me, this service sounds a lot like a favorite mobile photo sharing service of mine called PixelPipe. One differentiator, PixelPipe routes photos to a huge plethora of service including Flickr, Evernote, Facebook and just about any other service.

To PhotoRocket’s credit, the application on the desktop makes it easier to swap photos; but personally speaking, I’d rather use PixelPipe and feed the photos to my services rather than have the photos live on PhotoRocket’s servers – because who knows how long this startup will be around.


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