Active Noise Cancellation Comes to Jabra Elite 75t

I’ve had my Jabra Elite 75t for exactly a year…and they’re amazing.

These true wireless earbuds are absolute performers. When I listen to music, audio is always crisp and enjoyable and bass-y — just as I like it.

Also, if I’m on a phone call, the fit of the Elite 75t blocks out outside noise and seals in amazing audio performance, every time. I’m stunned by the Elite 75t battery life – I can easily go most of a week without charging – even with heavy usage as a remote worker.

When paired with my iPhone 11 or Apple MacBook Pro, these earbuds shine on their own. With the fit and finish of the Elite 75t, I’m a happy customer. I’ve been on dozens of flights with these earbuds and have traveled with care – not worrying about sounds around me.

Jabra Adds Active Noise Cancellation to Elite 75t

Until recently, the Jabra Elite 75t relied upon passive noise isolation for customer experience. That is, they used the fit of these headphones to seal out ambient noise.

However, with customer commitment in mind, Jabra has added active noise cancellation to the Elite 75t. With the new addition, available via firmware update within the Jabra Sound+ app which is available for iPhone and Android devices, you can easily enjoy the free active noise cancellation (ANC) upgrade.

How Does Jabra Elite 75t ANC Perform?

For a free upgrade – it performs very well!

However, if you compare it to something like a Bose QuietComfort 35ii – the ANC experience on Elite 75t won’t match that.

The ANC on Jabra’s newest earbuds, the Elite 85t is not subtle at its highest setting and does best with a more constant ambient sound. Think about a fan or traffic if you’re walking outside.

I appreciate that Jabra made it possible to as subtle at its highest setting and does a better job muffling sounds at different pitches. I noticed it right away when walking outside to traffic. They won’t block out 100% of all sounds, but no true wireless earbuds really do, so that’s fine. The app’s slider is a good measuring stick for what level works in any given situation.

If you’re a Jabra Elite 75t user, upgrade to ANC and try it out!