Top Travel Gifts for Christmas 2017

This Christmas, we travelers want to be able to enjoy moments as they happen. Therefore, we need travel gadgets that can keep us entertained, connected and powered up as we travel from sight to sight!

Let’s see what connected travelers want for for the 2017 holiday season:

Bose SoundSport Bluetooth headphones, available at Verizon Wireless

Bluetooth headphones are now a must-have for any tech traveler, especially since most smartphones these days don’t have conventional headphone jacks. These Bluetooth headphones offer quality sound and do something some headphones can’t – stay put in your ears. Bose’s SoundSport have fantastic sound with ample bass – and have up to 6 hours of battery life. If you’re a jogger, you’ll be happy to know that these are sweat and rain resistant.

These headphones come in three colors and are $130 at your local Verizon store or on

OnePlus 5T

Now that 2017 is drawing to an end, all the top mobile players have come out with their flagship phones. In an era where an iPhone X is starts at $1,000 and a Samsung Galaxy is $800 – the OnePlus 5T was just released and offers flagship level specifications at a price point of $500. The OnePlus 5T runs Android, has two cameras with a great portrait mode – and can charge its battery 70% in just a half an hour, which is perfect for when travelers need to top up and time to charge up.

Also, starting with 64GB of space, there’s plenty of room for videos and snapshots from your epic travels.

OnePlus 5T

Also – it’s globally unlocked with support for all countries worldwide. Available at

aLLreLi 4-Port USB Wall Charger

Most of the time when we travel, it’s hard to find enough power ports to charge up our phones, tablets, cameras and whatever else we’ve brought along. This 4-way USB charger has adapters that work in 150+ countries around the world and enable you to juice up quickly and easily. It’s compact and lightweight for easy packing.

Travel Adapter

It can be found at Amazon for a mere $17.

Prynt Pocket for iPhone

The Prynt Pocket is an add-on for your iPhone that acts like an instant camera printer. In short, it allows you to print polaroid-style prints from your camera role. It’s small, compact – so you can just throw it in your bag and attach it whenever you want. To use it – just pull up an image on your camera roll and hit print. This is a perfect treat for the traveler because if you snap a photo you want so share with a friend of family member – you can instantly print it for them and pin it to a wall or show on a fridge.

Prynt Pocket

Available at Amazon for just $120.

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