Image Taken By Kris Krug

Image Taken By Kris Krug

Techcraver.com is a site devoted to tracking the world of technology and how it affects real people. The person behind Techcraver is me, Jason Harris. I’ve been involved in technology for more 20 years and I focus on the areas of web and digital marketing, communications, consumer electronics and web services

In my past, I’ve done content marketing and comms at Sysomos, digital marketing and analytics for Nokia, community building at Eli Lilly and much more.

Aside from my writing on this blog, I have written at:

  • CMSWire.com
  • GigaOm.com
  • Web Worker Daily
  • Taptu’s Blog
  • Download Squad

In my free time I cycle, enjoy fine beers, blog, podcast, and participate in social media wherever I can.

Also I’m a devoted husband, proud father and fanatic cyclist.

Would you like to reach me? email me at jason <at> techcraver <dot> com

Please also check me out on Twitter, I’m @harrisja and I’m on Mastodon!