The Best Tech From SXSW 2018

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South by Southwest (SXSW) is always a fun show – it’s actually three conferences in one including Interactive, Music and Film. This year’s show had a great spectacle of technology for travelers, so let’s run through some cool items for travelers that made its debut at South By Southwest.

What’s hot this year?

Bose AR Glasses

The most interesting product that debuted at SXSW was the Bose AR Glasses – which aren’t actually like traditional AR glasses like Google Glass – they’re normal sunglasses that uses *audio AR* – that is, giving you information in your ears about what you’re seeing. There’s a pair of glasses that have headphones built in that pairs to an app on your phone that’s location aware – and puts provides info as you look at it.

The most impressive demonstration was an augmented reality tour of the bars and restaurants along one Austin street. It worked like visual augmented reality, but with sound instead of a heads-up display: you look at a building and tap a touchpad on your temple, and they offer a sentence or two about what’s inside.

Safe Travel App: WanderSafe

WanderSafe Is The Ultimate Travel Safety App For The Solo Explorer. There are a lot of travel apps out there but none of them are focused on safe travel, especially where solo explorers are concerned. WanderSafe was designed for solo travelers, it’s also a great app to have on hand if you’re traveling with a friend, loved one or your family. The app features JENI, a digital safety companion. JENI makes sure you have the relevant safety information you need to give you peace of mind, regardless of where you’re traveling. JENI offers expert advice from WanderSafe’s in house team of safety experts with backgrounds in both law enforcement and diplomatic security.

Lacie rugged hub – DJI CoPilot

Sometimes on the road it’s hard to backup your photos off your iPhone or big DSLR Camera. Who wants to lug around a computer to do this?
The Lacie-built DJI CoPilot lets you copy files from your iPhone or Android without a laptop involved. Can also charge your phone using built-in cables.Can also backup files directly from your camera or from the SD Slot

The DJI CoPilot is about as big as a novel and it splash, dust and drop resistant. It works with iPhones, Android, Mac, Windows and even Drones and DSLR cameras and GoPros.