Browser Wars and Facebook’s Tracking: Firefox is BACK

I’m an old school technologist, starting this blog in 2004 and I’ve been online since 1994, with the Unix account to prove it (thanks, Oregon State University!). Firefox is a browser that I used religiously up until it got really slow and bloated, then Chrome came along and many users went with Chrome and away from the fox.

Now, let’s fast forward to the end of 2017 and Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox, completely re-engineers and released Firefox 58 and comes out with Firefox Quantum, version 58(!) of their well-known browser. In their words, Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as the Firefox from 6 months prior. I downloaded 58 on all my Macs, which range from brand-new to 7 years old. I can attest, the new browser is FAST.

Need an intro to Firefox Quantum?

As a native web worker, I love having a browser that doesn’t make my machine gag each time I open a new tab to conduct my business. So…Firefox is back and I’m a happy user of their tech.

So, now Facebook is known to be creepy AF

But wait, the Firefox love doesn’t stop there. As of today, Mozilla has released a new add-on called Facebook Container that allows you to isolate your outside-of-Facebook browsing to not be track-able by Facebook.

Why is this important?

Because we all know that Facebook tracks pretty much every event you do online. And…some of us don’t feel good about that.

Facebook Container from Mozilla makes it so you can browse the web knowing that not all of your tracks lead back to ads being served to you on the world’s most used social network.

image courtesy Techcrunch

If you click a link on Facebook, it’ll load in a tab that’s separated by the Facebook Container, and if you click Facebook share buttons on any other sites then it will load them within the special blue tab.

So..if you’d like to go to your favorite shopping tab and browse the selection without having Facebook serving you ads from said shopping site, this is the add-on for you.



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