How Chase Sapphire Reserve Saved My MacBook

My lesson: don't forget to exercise your credit card benefits

Last August 2021, I bought my beloved MacBook Air M1 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. My Air is zippy, fast and reliable — pretty much the perfect laptop.

However, in mid-December, the MacBook Air’s screen would not come on at all. I could see the backlight and it worked fine while connected to an external display, but the regular laptop display was useless.

To fix it, I tried all the troubleshooting steps including restarting, resetting NVRAM, and consulting Apple Support via phone. Sadly, with everything being embedded on an SoC (system on a chip) with modern computers, there’s only so much we can do to fix hardware issues.

Looking at a big bill 😢

Ultimately, a trip to an Apple Genius at my local Apple Store confirmed the Air needed service which is estimated to cost $428, which wasn’t an attractive number. As I didn’t purchase AppleCare, my computer is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.

I called a local repair shop hoping for a cheaper price and even they quoted me $400 for the fix.

Chase Sapphire Reserve to the rescue

Then, I remembered I purchased my computer using my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, which offers an extended warranty on card purchases. Upon investigation, I realized that in addition to the 1 year Apple warranty on my Air, Chase extends it for another year.

First, visit the Card Benefit Services website and file a claim. You’ll need this information handy:

  • Original sales receipt (I had to visit my Costco to get a re-print)
  • Repair authorization/quote
  • Copy of original warranty
  • Credit card statement showing purchase (I used Chase’s website to pull up my entry knowing the purchase date)

My outcome: after about a week of processing, Chase is paying for the repair, in full.

So, the moral of the story is: don’t forget about your credit cards extra benefits. For Chase Sapphire holders, Chase extended warranty protection adds a year of coverage to original eligible warranties of three years or less. Note: there are some exemptions on what type of items are covered, so consult your credit card’s documentation.

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