This Is The Best Sleeve for MacBook Air

Are you an owner of a MacBook Air and looking to protect it from inadvertent drops or scratches? In my case, I have the 2020 M1 MacBook Air model (which is a fantastic device by the way!) and I’m constantly worried about my trusty little computer. In the past on MacBook Pro models, I’ve had cases such as this one from Speck:

Speck’s Smartshell case for MacBook Pro

However, in doing research on the /r/macbookair subbreddit, there’s a consensus that MacBook Airs can be damaged by these types of cases because of the thin-ness of the MacBook Air. Many folks have cracked their glass – and this damage is not covered by AppleCare.

That brings us to sleeve type cases for the model to protect it while in your backpack or bag. However, the ones that have zippers can damage the soft aluminum frame.

AmazonBasics laptop sleeve

In my research, I found a great option that looks great and provides great protection! It’s a faux leather sleeve from Comfyable and I found mine on Amazon for the fantastic price of $15 shipped. This sleeve looks nice, is lined well on the inside and fits well in my laptop bag.

Comfyable MacBook Air sleeve
Comfyable Macbook Air Sleeve

If you’re looking for attractive-looking protection for your MacBook of any type – do check out this amazing option that isn’t the most well-known brand but has amazing reviews on Amazon. After a week of use, I’m impressed with the build quality and aesthetic of the sleeve.