Let’s Review 8×8 Video Meetings

If you’re a distributed (or remote…even though I hate that term) team member – you rely every day upon video conferencing solutions.

You’ve likely heard of options such as UberConference, GoToMeeting and Webex – some of which are good and some are terrible (Webex and GoToMeeting – I’m looking at you).
Then, in the last few years, Zoom has taken the space by storm and has become the go-to solution for those in small-medium sized businesses (SMB) and in the startup world, where my day-job lies.

Enter 8×8 Video Meetings

8×8 has entered the fray with a new and completely free offering.

The publicly-traded company announced a new product last week known as 8×8 Video Meetings.

There’s no limited trial version to the product and a very short onramp to getting started – simply go to the website and get going. You and your teammates will see yourself quite quickly in real-time F2F fashion – just like you’re in the room together.

How does 8×8 perform?

In a word – exceptional

My long-time nerd testing friend Andy Abramson and I tried the new offering on for size last week.

8x8 Video Meeting screenshot
An actual 8×8 Video Meeting in progress

I tried a few different browsers to see how 8x8s offering performed. In Brave (a Chromium-based browser), the meeting would not connect. I then tried Firefox (the most recent version as of the writing of this post) and then finally, Google Chrome.
Once I got on Chrome, the meeting was fluid and fantastic. I could hear Andy perfectly and my audio was good for him.

I liked how, in the meeting, I could geek out on stats such as upload/download speeds – see the metrics in the image above? 🤓🤓🤓🤓

Looking to conference? Give 8×8 a go

If you’re looking to meet with a colleague or business partner – you should try 8x8s new solution. It requires no download on desktop (Android and iOS apps are available) and works with all mainstream browsers.

Go sign up for an account today and get started!