The Spring’s Best Travel Tech

Happy Saturday, RM World Travel listeners!

Today we’re going to run through the best travel tech that Spring 2018 has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ From Verizon Wireless

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the perfect phone for international travelers for a few reasons:
  • Verizon’s International-friendly voice/data plans get you the ability to talk and interact with your family/friends back home for as little as $10/day
  • The Galaxy S9+ is sand and water-resistant – so take it down to 50 feet below water level or on to the beach and capture video/photos with no worries.
  • It has two cameras – so you can capture an up-close photo and wide-angle photo with crystal-clear perfection with zero worry.

I’ve been using the Galaxy S9+ for a few weeks and am blown away with the speed, agility and camera performance. It’s highly recommended!

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit VersaThe newest smartwatch from Fitbit tracks your steps, enables you to pay for coffees at Starbucks and is half the price of an Apple Watch (and lasts for 4-5 days on a single charge). Enter the Fitbit Versa– Fitbit’s latest offering, that looks sharp, tracks your steps, stairs climbed and enables you to keep up to speed on your phone’s notifications – but won’t break the bank, is water resistant and will last more than a single day on a charge (which is what the Apple Watch’s battery lasts).

Also – want to accessorize your Fitbit Versa? Go to Amazon and look for third party watch bands that average $10/each- you can customize your Versa to your taste with these low-cost options.

Microsoft Translate enables you to translate languages while offline

Listen, we all know what it’s like to be in place where you’re out of your comfort zone with respect to spoken languages. Now, Microsoft Translate, an app available for iOS and Android will enable to you to communicate with folks, no matter where you roam.
Even if you need to go in to airplane mode, Microsoft Translate will take pictures of text or spoken word and translate it to your native tongue with accuracy that needs to be experienced to be believed.