Join me on the BeanCast Marketing Podcast

My NYC based friend and colleague, Bob Knorpp, is a well-known marketing consultant to brands everywhere. Additionally, Bob produces a weekly marketing podcast called the BeanCast Podcast.

This week, I had the good fortune of joining Bob, George Parker and Tamsen Webster to discuss a variety of the week’s marketing news.

On this episode of the Beancast, we discuss:

  1. The Strategy Crisis – how can agencies save themselves from losing all their strategic planners? My answer: give them more visibility into the clients’ needs – with face to face time!
  2. Ad Integrations Today – Why have ad integrations flatlined even though TV producers are more receptive to the concept!
  3. Ending Gender Norms – Advertisers are less stereotypical with their messaging these days – will it continue? What’s next?
  4. Cyber Attack Impact – WIth DDos and privacy breaches, what can organizations do to protect brand loyalty? I give tips and tricks for managing these crises

Listen to the Beancast podcast here!

You can listen to the episode here. Be sure to subscribe to Beancast in your podcast library of choice!