Modobag and OnePlus 3: Fall Travel Perfection

The mobile phone industry is a funny beast. There are a variety of phones available that range from budget, to mid-range to high end. Of course, everyone wants the high-end phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 or similar. But what if there was a phone that has high-end features for a mid-range price?

Meet the OnePlus 3, the phone that’s been around since July and is turning heads. This phone has a powerful processor, ample memory, a sharp display, and some unique touches – all for a reasonable price of $399.

The OnePlus 3 is completely unlocked, meaning you can use it in the US on T-Mobile or AT&T and globally wherever you can get a SIM. Plus, as a feature for travelers – this is a dual SIM device, meaning you can use your home mobile service and get a local SIM when you travel abroad.

Also, the OnePlus 3 has Dash Charging – the brand’s unique way to help you quickly charge your phone. You can get as much as 60% battery life into the phone with just 30 minutes on the Dash charger – which is perfect if you only have a quick pit stop while traveling and on-the-go.

The OnePlus 3 comes with a 16mp camera, 64gb of on-board memory and a Snapdragon 820 processor, the same brain in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Just to put in into perspective, a similarly spec’d iPhone would cost around $900 and a Galaxy S7 would be in the same price range.

The camera quality on the OnePlus 3? It’s really good and will be perfect as a snapshot taker. The camera is 16mp with optical image stabilization and the selfie camera is an 8mp camera that actually takes a photo when you smile at it. Pretty cool!

Don’t walk to your gate – ride your luggage instead

The second gadget for Fall travel we’ll discuss is the Modobag.

The Modobag is a battery-powered, ridable suitcase that you can ride indoors. It goes 8 miles an hour, charges your phone, and is fully FAA and TSA compliant. It has a range of about 6 miles. Modobag costs $995 and is available from the company’s Indiegogo page.

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