Always Find Your Keys With Tile

We’ve all been there. You’re headed out the door, phone in hand, wallet on your person – and you’re missing just one thing. Your keys. Tile is a small little gadget that’s about the size of a matchbook and costs a mere $25 at your local AT&T store and is meant to help you find your frequently lost things.

Because my wife is always looking for her keys, I gave the Tile to her for a real-life example of how we can put the new gadget to use. The Tile is a pretty tough little device, about as thick as two quarters stacked on top of one another. It’s made of very durable plastic and according to the Tile website, it is water resistant.

Each Tile has a small battery and pairs with your phone via Bluetooth. Via the Tile app on iOS or Android, you pair your Tile and add it to the app. You can purchase more than one Tile if you’d like to track multiple items. One might want to track their wallet, keys, a favorite kid toy or anything that you might need handy on a consistent basis.

According to Tile, the device has a range of 100 feet. If you lose your Tile-d device, you can use the app on your phone to prompt the Tile to chirp. Also, say you have your keys in hand and want to find your phone, you can press the Tile until it clicks and your iPhone will start chiming. This is super handy!

Battery replacement – the bad news

Ok, so far, Tile is sounding pretty sweet, eh? Well, the only bad news around Tile is that the battery is not replaceable. So, roughly each year, you’ll have to buy a new Tile to replace the old one that will eventually have a dead battery.

However, if Tile saves you time in finding object you are routinely losing and then seeking, $25 a year for this luxury sounds pretty good to me.

In our real-world tests with lost keys here in our household, I can report that Tile has saved us 5 times in a month of having Tile. Take that, lost keys!

To purchase, pick up a Tile at your local AT&T store or at AT&

Disclosure: AT&T provided a Tile for the purposes of this review.

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