Review: Monster Selfie Case

Disclosure: I received the Monster Selfie Case for the purposes of this review. 

We all love smartphones. And these little $500 slabs of technology in our pocket need protection against, well, us. This is why so many people use iPhone cases. And while protection and added style are two benefits, when a case can add functionality, then it’s an even bigger win.

Enter the Monster Selfie Case. While I don’t dig the name, the case has a hidden trick that’s really cool.

You see, the Selfie Case has a special back to it that adds hardly any bulk and creates enough suction and grip to stick to glass. So, if you want to view your phone while working out at the gym by sticking it to the elliptical or take a selfie at a restaurant, the Selfie Case is super useful.

One factor I really like about the Monster Selfie Case is that it leaves no residue behind on the glass once you stick it. Also, the case forms a strong amount of ‘stick’ to the glass so there’s no worry about the phone dropping once you’ve mounted it. However, with my iPhone 6s, I do a check each time just to ensure the grip is properly attained.

And to your hand while you hold your iPhone, the case back is grippy, but not sticky.

I found one use case for the Selfie Case that might not be apparent at first glance. My kids like to FaceTime with Grandma who lives a few hours away – and the Selfie Case is perfect because there’s a door to my son’s room that has glass panels in it. I can mount the Selfie Case at his height so he can talk to Grandma without the jittery grip of a 3 year old. WIN!

I’d recommend the Monster Selfie Case if you’re looking for watch videos a lot while working out or traveling, take selfies and don’t want the ‘selfie arm’ in your shot or if you like to Facetime and want to do so without holding the phone up.

The Monster Selfie Case sells for $30 on Amazon.

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