Upgrade your old speaker set with Chromecast Audio

I seriously can’t live without music in my life. I crave it. In fact, I’m fidgety without music on in the background.

This is why I’ve been a Sonos fan for so long! Sonos is an amazing way to create a unified music experience throughout your house with great sounding audio powered by your music library or by your favorite streaming services.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to outfit my garage with audio. I looked into buying a Sonos Play:1 or Play:3 for the space. The Play:1, at $200, is the most affordable option. Unfortunately, that’s still a steep price tag.

For about a year, I’ve had an old pair of Altec Lansing computer speakers that feature a sub-woofer out in my garage (I’ve owned them for about 6 years). I’ve been using them off and on, but there’s a huge issue with these speakers – the require a wired connection to an audio source.

These speakers sound *really* good.  They thump with bass and they sing the high notes well.

Then…I remembered that Chromecast Audio is out now.

The promise of Chromecast Audio is to turn ‘dumb’ speakers like the Altec Lansings above and turn them into smart speakers, capable of taking an audio stream from my Android phone or iOS device and thumping out some tunes.

So, for a mere $35, I’ve taken my garage and turned it into an audio powerhouse.

Rock on.

Sonos is still great for the connected home. But if you have a single space you’d like to illuminate with tunes, perhaps Chromecast Audio + an old computer speaker set is for you.

One comment on “Upgrade your old speaker set with Chromecast Audio
  1. This is a great idea. I can see myself using this for my home theater instead of turning on my TV and launching Pandora. Will it work with Windows Phone? Maybe with Windows 10 mobile since it supports Windows. Hmmm

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