The iOS 9 Feature I’m Loving On iPad Air

Recently I replaced my Nexus 7 tablet with an iPad Air. I’m glad I did, because while I love Android on my phone, it’s a second rate OS for tablets.

This reality hit me when I loaded the MLB At Bat app this summer to watch my beloved Red Sox play a game. The in-app experience on the At Bat application is merely the ability to stream a game video. On iPad though, you get real-time stats with slide-out menus that completely enhance the experience.

The iOS 9 Feature I’m Loving On iPad Air

One of the key features of iOS 9 on iPad Air is the ability to run side-by-side applications.

This is great for productivity, as I can now run a Skype chat while I’m reading news or keep an eye on my Outlook inbox while I’m surfing the web in Chrome.

iPad Split Screen

And while the above use case is fantastic. Here’s what I’m most excited about:

MLB Split Screen

You can watch MLB At Bat video while running another app!  Yes!