Community Managers: Get this Workflow for Alfred App

For my dayjob, I’m involved in corporate social media at Sysomos. In my work, I use to shorten links for posting to Twitter and other channels.

I also happen to use Alfred App, which is a powerful productivity tool every Mac user should be using.

Recently I was looking for a workflow for Alfred App, which means I hit a key combination, paste a link, and Alfred does some stuff in the background and spits out the link automagically.

Alfred bitly workflow

I couldn’t find the workflow after some Google searches so I was able to find it on an old Mac I have. So, community managers, here you are: Link

To add this into your Alfred App set up for your Mac (this assumes you already have Alfred installed and running):

  1. Unzip this .zip file.
  2. Double click the resulting file.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the Workflow
  4. Edit the Run Script Part.
  5. Paste in your API key and login from your profile page (for more info on where to find your API key, go here)

You’re welcome.

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