Wishlist: A OneDrive Powered Photo Sharing App

For those who follow tech news, Facebook made a splash on Tuesday by announcing Moments. A cool app that makes it easy to share photos amongst friends/family and others through an easy-to-use new app available for Android and iPhone.

Here’s the video so you get the gist:

I think Facebook Moments is a great idea because it makes sharing photos easier. Between picture messages and WhatsApp and the myriad of ways of sharing photos, it’s WAY to complex for those of us with smartphones.

Moments is good, but I’m not going to install it for a few reasons:

  1. Between Flickr, OneDrive, Dropbox and others, I don’t need another place online to store photos. I have too many services already.
  2. I think Facebook is creepy. I don’t want my photos of my memories and my kids and family on there. I choose not to upload many photos of family onto FB for that very reason.
  3. It locks one in to using Facebook. I tolerate Facebook but I choose not to use it on a daily basis.
FB Moments

Image courtesy Gizmodo

A plea for a fun and easy way to share photos

So, knowing that there are brilliant minds out there, I’d like to suggest the following.

I use OneDrive. Others use Google Photos or Dropbox. What about an app that would be cross-platform, meaning it works on both iPhone and Android, and uses OneDrive as the storage mechanism (through an API) but allows me to share photos in an easy way with my wife, family members and others?

Basically let’s take the idea of Moments but make it more secure without the creepy facial recognition and Facebook-y ness of it?

Is there a photo sharing app out there that i don’t know about?

Let’s discuss!!!

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