Sonos Adding Spotify Radio

Streaming music has completely overtaken the way I consume music. I use a myriad of streaming music products including Spotify, Pandora and MixRadio (formerly a Nokia then Microsoft product, now owned by LINE). Since Spotify Radio came out a few years ago, i’ve been using it heavily.

I listen to Spotify Radio while walking on my mobile, while in the car and while hooked up to my Jambox Mini on the weekends. A huge hole in my usage of Spotify Radio used to be on my Sonos system at home.

That is, until now. Sonos is letting the world know that the company is adding Spotify Radio to the Sonos Controller app. Currently offered in Beta, Spotify Radio will be a huge boon to music fans who want to go beyond Spotify saved playlists.

Here’s an excerpt from an email from Sonos PR I received this morning:

Spotify users have long asked for Spotify Radio to be integrated so that they can listen to it throughout their homes. We are pleased to say that starting today its integration has been placed into the current beta program. Spotify subscribers in beta can now start a radio station from any artist or track or play any Sonos favorited radio station in every room of their home. We’ve also worked closely with the Spotify team to make playback even more stable especially during peak usage times.

To get access to the Spotify Radio on Sonos, be sure to become part of the beta program.

I can’t wait to try this out tonight when I get home from work!