Travel in the Social Age, a Social Media Week Panel

I’m lucky to be involved with an amazing recurring conference called Social Media Week. I’ve helped plan and execute the events in New York City and LA for the last 3 years because of my work with Microsoft, a client.

Just a few weeks ago in Los Angeles at Social Media LA, I was able to help involve our amazing group of influencers in a new and innovative way. Traditionally, we’ve invited influencers to dinner and to attend SMW LA, but this year we involved influencers into the programming in a deep manner.

I put together an idea for a panel and was happy to see it come to fruition. The concept was “Travel In the Social Age“, which was spawned off my experience last year in Boston with Airbnb, Uber and Peek. But going beyond that, I wanted to assemble social media heavyweights and discuss how they travel and how our journeys have changed just in the last few years.

We were able to secure Ted Nguyen, Ann Tran and my good friend Sam Sabri. The four of us conducted the hour-long panel and it went really well! Ann talked about working with brands on paid trips, Ted discussed his family history and his deep-rooted love for travel (and his lovely pup) and Sam discussed his top tips for apps and services for travelers.

The entire talk is available here.

Note: you must register for Livestream to enjoy the video. 🙂

How has travel chenged for you in the last few years?

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