Mastercard Users: Here’s How to Get Free Wi-Fi in the UK

Yesterday I was on Rudy Maxa’s World as a part of one of my regular appearances on the most-listened to travel-focused radio show.

One of the items in my travel tech news roundup was that Mastercard has arranged for free Wi-Fi in the UK for their customers.

That’s right, you can get free Wi-Fi while traveling to the United Kingdom at over 22,000 locations because of a cool partnership Mastercard arranged with The Cloud, a UK-based company (owned by BSkyB).

Here’s how to claim this offer and get your free Wi-Fi

To claim this fantastic offer, first go to MasterCard’s Priceless Cities website and register. There, you’ll enter in your email address and Mastercard will send you instructions on how to get the mobile app you’ll use to access The Cloud hotspots while in Blighty.

Note: On this page, they say to use the same email address that you’ll download and activate “The Cloud WiFi app.”  (More on this in a second)

Then, after this brief registration process, you’ll download The Cloud WiFi app onto your iPhone or Android phone out of the App Store or Google Play, depending on which phone you have.

In the app, there’s a locator map that also enables you to see where the nearest hotspot is so you can roam towards that location should you need to get online. 🙂

According to news reports, The Cloud’s Wi-Fi hotspots are in public places, including shops, bars, restaurants and train stations.

Back to that note: Remember that note above about that email address you entered. In this Mastercard Priceless promotion, they make no mention of an app for Windows Phone or other platforms, but I’m willing to guess that you can log in to The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots by using that email address you registered by logging in using the sign-in webpage once you’ve attached your computer/phone/tablet to the hotspot.