Expand your home’s musical reach with Sonos BOOST

If you have spots in your house where WiFi doesn’t function well, it can be really frustrating.

Not only does it make it impossible to get work done or be online in that particular room, it also means you can’t enjoy your streaming music. Boo! 🙂

Meet Sonos BOOST, an accessory that was unveiled today by the company that connects directly into your home router and forms a private WiFi network just for your Sonos system. The promise of BOOST is that it will eliminate any dead spots in your home where your Sonos speaker may not function.

According to the announcement blog post, BOOST has three internal antennas that work around your home consumer electronics that cause dropouts. Also, Sonos claims your BOOST will give you 50% more range to rock out all over your crib.

BOOST from Sonos is available today from $99 from retailers such as Amazon.

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