Uber adds partner program and we all win

Visiting Boston one year ago, I blogged about how travel was changing for the better. New players such as Peek, TripCase, AirBnb and Uber are making it easier to find accommodation, move around the city and stay entertained for travelers everywhere.

This is why a recent news piece on TechCrunch about Uber adding an API caught my eye.

Uber, the only taxi service I use these days on personal and business travel, is adding the ability to integrate their service in other companies’ apps.  How does this integration play out into a real-world scenario?

If you’re a TripCase user and you check the TripCase app (or mobile website) after landing to see what hotel and address you need to travel to, now with Uber in the TripCase app, it means you can hit the Uber button directly in TripCase and summon an Uber car to take you there. This level of integration is really slick.

In the announcement, Uber revealed other partners that will integrate Uber services into their app including OpenTable, United Airlines, TripAdvisor and even Starbucks.

Good for the traveler

Yes this integration spreads Uber to more apps and makes the car service more ubiquitous. It also needs to be pointed out that this partner program is great for the traveling consumer as well. It makes it possible to use services that are offered by different companies easier.

With these travel services companies working with one another, travel becomes a seamless experience from the minute you land, grab your bags, hop in a car and even check-in to your hotel. With Hyatt as a launch partner, perhaps one day the integration is taken up a notch so. Imagine check-in being ready for you as you travel over in your Uber car and handled all on your phone…making it unnecessary to stop at the front counter at the hotel.

That’s a reality that’s not too far off.

How has your travel changed in the last two years?  Are you using services such as TripCase, Airbnb or Uber?

Disclosure: My good friend Ricky Cadden works at TripCase, but these opinions are all my own.

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