That Time Fitbit Support Came To The Rescue

This is a tale of amazing customer service.

For those of you who know me, I like to try new technology.  It’s pretty rare that I keep a piece of new tech around a long for a long time. I’m fortunate that I get to trial new (Nokia) phones a lot because of my work and I get to give new technology a try thanks to this blog and my radio show.

One class of technology I love trying out is fitness trackers. I’ve used BodyMedia Fit, the Fitbit Ultra and most recently the Fitbit Flex. I’ve had the Fitbit Flex for more than a year and half, since CES 2013, which for me is a long time to have one product that long. 🙂

While I was traveling for work in June, my Fitbit Flex somehow came off my wrist and I lost the product.  I was devastated.  My wrist felt naked after being without the fitness band it had worn virtually 24 hours a day for the last 18 months.

It’s funny too, when I didn’t have my Fitbit Flex on during that trip, I felt robbed of my step data. I felt like a step taken without being quantified was a step wasted.  What an odd paradigm.

Reaching out

Unsure of what to do, I contacted Fitbit support through their webpage. I left a message saying I lost my tracker somewhere in the Atlanta airport and if the tracker showed upon their systems, to see if there was any way to recover the device.

Support replied within a day and asked me for more details and to wait a few days to see if the tracker would show up in my luggage or a stray bag.  Then, out of the blue, they offered to replace my Fitbit Flex and asked me the color I was missing.

Within a week I had a replacement tracker to wear and my steps are being counted once again.

Fitbit, I raise a glass to you for caring enough about your customers that you offer to replace a $100 piece of equipment with no questions asked.  This type of service, in the Internet age, is so rare and so welcome.

What exceptional customer service have you had online recently?