Must Have June Travel Gadgets

I was recently on Rudy Maxa’s World to discuss tech gifts for traveling dads and grads this June. To hear my segment, be sure check out the mp3 file below:


We’re in the heart of graduation season and with Dad’s day right around the corner, what are the perfect tech-focused gifts to make your dad feel spoiled and loved? Let’s take a look at some very cool options.

AT&T Unite Pro


AT&T Unite Pro

This is a MiFi-type unit that allows you to use a 4G LTE connection to access the Internet, but the AT&T Unite Pro has something that gives it even more utility.

The Unite Pro looks a little chubby compared to other MiFi units and there’s a reason – this MiFi has a 4,000 mAh battery that gives it stellar battery life and the ability charge smart your smart phone at the same time.

Also, with this Unite Pro, you can connect up to 15 devices to the web at one time.

The AT&T Unite Pro is available for $50 on a 2 year contract and monthly service starts at $50/month for data service. It can be used internationally if you travel abroad, check with AT&T to see what international data service might cost in your case.

JamBox Mini

Jambox Mini

The JamBox isn’t a new gadget, the well-engineered Bluetooth audio speakers have been around for years. However, the JamBox Mini is new and comes in an all-metal body that has attractive colors. With a recent Bluetooth update, two JamBox Mini speakers can be paired for full stereo sound.

The JamBox Mini works with any mobile phone whether it’s an iPhone, Android phone or Nokia Lumia. I like carrying my Jambox with me to pump out music from Spotify while I’m in my hotel or in the outdoors.

JamBox Mini is available in multiple colors for $130 and for a limited time, the speaker is available for $50 off at your closest Micrsoft Store.

Dropcam Pro for monitoring your home while you’re away

DropCam Pro


When we leave for a trip, whether it’s 5 days or 5 weeks, it’s hard to ensure our belongings or pets are ok inside our home. DropCam is a simple to use $200 camera that hooks up to your home’s WiFi network and provides a 24 hour view of a room, pet kennel or anything else you want to view inside your home.

The DropCam Pro comes with night vision in case you want to see what’s going on when things go bump in the night.



The DryCase is a $40 waterproof enclosure for your smartphone that helps make sure Dad can’t drop his phone and ruin it by getting it water logged. This flexible vinyl bag can handle a phone of any size and there’s even a version for an iPad too. The Drycase case works by dropping your phone into the vinyl bag, pumping air out with a hand pump. You can even use headphones with the bag, making it a nice companion for your smartphone while on the go. There’s an armband for runners is buoyant so your phone is sure not to float away.

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