Review: Kingston MobileLite Wireless

Kingston is likely a brand you’ve heard of if you’ve ever shopped for digital memory cards for your digital camera or mobile phone. They make high quality memory products that last a long time and deliver great speeds when transferring files to/from memory cards.

Today let’s take a look at a new product from Kingston, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless. This small device is about the size of a pack of cards and has a few ports that I’ll explain. First, via an SD Card (sold separately), you can transfer and share files from device to device.

Also, the Kingston MobileLite has a rechargeable battery on board that enables you to plug in your mobile phone to juice up in case you find yourself needing a power boost. I love this functionality because I often find myself needing a power boost part way through the day when using my mobile phone. There is a three-LED indicator on the MobileLite that indicates how much juice the 1,810 mAh battery has left.

Transferring data is a breeze

So, why would you want to load an SD card into the MobileLite Wireless device? Perhaps you have a mobile phone that you’ve snapped one too many pictures on and your on-board memory fills up. As a parent, this has happened to me more than once. 🙂

With the MobileLite Wireless, you can load up the Android or iOS app and copy files easily from your phone onto the SD card in the MobileLite device.

Also, if you have a traditional digital camera (ya know, the old-fashioned kind) you can use the MobileLite Wireless to view photos from the SD card out of your camera on your mobile phone or iPad. This can also come in handy for showing your photos to friends or family.

Another cool use of the MobileLite Wireless is streaming content from a memory card to multiple devices. Say perhaps your children have iPod Touches and want to watch a video you’ve created. You can easily use the MobileLite Wireless to allow each child to watch the file on their own device.


The Mobilite Wireless from Kingston is reasonably priced at a mere $50 at Amazon. If you’re one who wants to offload photos from your mobile phone onto an SD card or vice versa, the MobileLite Wireless is the perfect solution.

When you add in the fact that the MobileLite Wireless provide you with a power boost, the device is almost a no-brainer.

My only criticism of the MobileLite Wireless comes in the apps for iPhone and Android. It would be great to be able to copy more than one file in at a time. Also, the apps were a little hard to use and became inactive from time to time on my test devices.

The software issues I describe above can easily be fixed via a software update and I expect them to be ironed out in the very near future.

Disclosure: The Kingston MobileLite Review was courtesy a device loan from Kingston.

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