[Video] Would you mod wireless charging into your furniture?

I’m a huge fan of wireless charging. With my Nokia Lumia 920, I’ve been able to experience wireless charging via a simple pad that sits on a desk and even better: the JBL PowerUp that charges my Lumia while playing music.

I spotted this video over the weekend, in which a person took an IKEA end table and modded it to place wireless charging inside the table..so that you can place your phone in a certain spot on the end table and voila – charges!

Check it out:

Disclaimer: Nokia is a client of mine.

3 comments on “[Video] Would you mod wireless charging into your furniture?
  1. I am seriously thinking about doing that to my IKEA dresser that I have next to my side of the bed. I already put my wireless charger right there and it’s a perfect spot. The wheels are spinning now. Thanks for the video!

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