How To Import a Radian6 CSV Using Excel For Mac

As part of my work for a client, I’m using Radian6 by to do social media analytics and sentiment analysis. As part of a campaign we’re running, I needed to generate a spreadsheet of all tweets in a certain timeframe that contained a specific hashtag.

By expanding the topic profile and then generating a River of News widget that contained the dataset I needed, I then needed to produce a spreadsheet to share with a colleague for further processing.

If you’re on a Window PC, using the Radian6 produced Excel Add-in makes this easy. After you put in your credentials, you can pull data at will into Excel for processing and sharing.

Radian6 in Excel for PC

Radian6 in Excel for PC

But what if you’re on a Mac?

Radian6 has no Excel Add-in for Excel for Mac, so we have to do it a little differently.  On the widget, I hit Export and generated a CSV.  Out popped da file named “1_1356654872652209”. I then tried to open it in Excel and was not successful.  When I hit Import->Data I was able to choose a comma as the delimiter, but the file wouldn’t import correctly.

Then, I turned to Twitter.

I got a reply from @mcloudsupport

Over email, they told me to do my export workflow described above, but to be sure to add a .csv at the end of the file name.

If you click the gear in the lower right corner and download the .csv file, when you name the document, add “.csv” to the end to save it as an Excel document (for example, “RiverOfNews.csv” instead of naming it “RiverOfNews”).

That is typically the step that causes some complications.  Could you please try using this method and let me know if it works for you?


I tried Anita’s advice and it worked like magic.

I want to thank Anita and the entire support team at Radian6 – they’ve been amazing so far!