I’m a happy Virgin Mobile mobile broadband customer

These days, I’m consulting and I’ve been in need of Internet access at my office in downtown Salem, Oregon. I’ve looked at CenturyLink, Comcast and other options as I’m entirely dependent on high-speed Internet access to do my work. Luckily, Salem, Oregon is one of Sprint’s markets for 4G WiMAX service.

I’ve used the Sprint 4G service when I’ve trialed Sprint MiFis over the years and service has always been great.

So, when I realized that traditional service from Comcast and CenturyLink would be too costly, I looked at wireless options. Virgin Mobile USA is a pre-paid service that uses Sprint’s network for phones and data cards. They sell an Overdrive Pro, which is a 4G/3G data device that accommodates up to 5 devices at a time.

Overdrive Pro from Virgin Mobile USA

For me, I get a strong 4G signal at my downtown office and Virgin Mobile has a fantastic 2GB package for $35/month. What’s great is – that 2 GB is for 3G service – 4G service (on WiMAX) is “unlimited” (more on that in a second).  This means I can use 4G service at my office for a mere $35/month….perfect!  🙂

Once I found out about the Overdrive Pro and the fantastic pricing, I set out to buy one. It turns out Radio Shack is having a sale on the Overdrive Pro devices – which I purchased for $60 (down from the regular $120 price). Also, keep in mind – Virgin Mobile is non-contract…meaning you can cancel and re-activate the service at any time.


One note about unlimited service. In the case of “Unlimited” 4G on Sprint, you’re really given 10GB of data throughput until they throttle you.  But even at 10GB, this is a screaming good deal.

So, if you’re in the market for an OverDrive Pro or ANY Virgin Mobile product, head down to Radio Shack and get started – the entire stock of Virgin phones and data devices are on sale.



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