Technology: what teachers want

Here in the United States, school is getting ready to spin up again. PBSLearningMedia, the media service for teachers, has published a study and infographic below that shows the types of tech that teachers are wanting as the new school year begins.

In essence, teachers know that technology is a necessary and fun way to engage students in learning. I’ve worked in the Ed Tech market and I can definitely confirm the facts in the graphic below. Bottom line: teachers want tools that are affordable and fun, in order to entertain and teach students simultaneously.

What did the survey find?

Well, computers are present in 91% of all classrooms, but only 22% of teachers say they have the right level of technology available to them..meaning the technology is out of date or doesn’t meet the teachers’ and students’ needs. The largest barrier to technology is, as one would expect, budget.

The most used technology in classrooms include: websites, online images, and online games and activities. Teachers want to utilize tech in their classrooms to increase student motivation and re-enforce the content they’re teaching. Also, technology and applications allow teachers to cater to students’ various learning styles.

The infographic is displayed below. Teachers…do you agree with the has your use of technology changed in recent years?


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