Euro 2012 smashes tweets-per-second record

When I was at CMSWire, I wrote a weekly column called Social Media Minute and tracking this Tweets Per Second story line was a favorite of mine. Tweets-per-second (TPS) is a measure Twitter tracks of how many tweets are sent every second. Every few months there’s a new event that breaks the TPS record. Typically it’s a sports or TV event but sometimes it’s a catastrophe like the Japan earthquake last year.

Euro 2012, the major soccer tournament that just wrapped with Spain taking home the Euro trophy, sparked enough interest that the TPS record was broken last week. The soccer crazy fans generated more than 15,000 tweets a second!

Prior to Euro 2012, Superbowl XLVI was the record holder for TPS, with roughly 10,000 tweets generated each second.

These events are fun because they show how Twitter reflects the sentiment and interests of human society at large.  Also, I love to see how TPS records rise and fall internationally Рshowing that the US is just a small part of the global conversation on social networks such as Twitter.

Were you tuned in to the Euro tournament?

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