Review: Targus Slim Case for iPad

Since I bought a new iPad (latest generation), I’ve been struggling to find a case for it. I want a case that will cover the back of the device and protect it from drops and from being carried each day in my backpack.

Sure there’s the Apple SmartCover, which covers the screen, but it provides no protection for the back. For me, I seek a protective case that doesn’t add bulk, which is a huge deal to me.  After all, it’s an iPad – it’s mean to be slim and lightweight.

Introducing Targus Slim Case

Targus is a well known accessories maker for portable electronics. For iPad fans, the company’s Slim Case cover comes in a variety of colors. The case is made with a tough yet textured material, kind of like denim.

The Targus Slim Case works with the iPad’s ability to turn on and off when you put the cover on and off through the magnetic cover. Also, it allows you to view the iPad with two viewing angles.

Slim Case Viewing angle

Using Slim Case day to day

So, at first glance, the Slim Case seems like it fits the bill, but how does it perform day-to-day?

In a word, perfectly! Opening up the Slim Case, Targus has made it easy to get started. Simply take your iPad and set it in the case. There are notches that make it easy to identify where to align to – the headphone jack, mic and on/off button are easy to spot on the case and you just insert the iPad into Slim Case and push gently.

The inside of the case, the part that touches your precious iPad, is lined with a soft felt that won’t scratch the iPad’s exterior at all.

In essence, the Targus Slim Case case does exactly what the marketing material states – it adds protection while only adding a little bit of bulk. The Apple logo is present as they’ve notched out a whole for it, showing off your Apple pride. 🙂

So far, so good

I have been using the Slim Case for 3 weeks, stuffing the iPad into my bag 3-4 times per day as I move about throughout the day. I’ve spilled liquid on the Slim Case twice, and each time it easily wiped off with a paper towel.

Using the iPad is easy with Slim Case – it’s viewing angle shown in the picture above is perfect for reading and typing.  While flipping it up is perfect for watching movies – especially on an airplane.

My only concern about the Slim Case is that I wish the cover was harder to open. You see, it easily comes off sitting in the bag – it’d be nice if either the magnets were stronger or there was a way to secure it with another mechanism.

Have you found any cases for the new iPad that you like?  Let’s discuss below!