On work, travel and parenting

I love to read a blog called Workshifting, which focuses on ways to be productive while being a nomadic worker. For some in this information age who telecommute, Workshifting offers strategies and apps to help you be productive no matter your current physical setting.

A recent article by C.C. Chapman is titled You Can’t Parentshift, and it focuses on the fact that even though we can work from remoteĀ locations, there is no substitute for in-person experiences with your kids.

This may seem obvious, but this article is a fantastic reminder to any person to travels for work that your family (your spouse AND your kids), need you to be fully present when you are home between work trips.

I love this quote from the article,

Make sure the next time you return from a trip that you sit down with the family. Set the phone to the side and leave the laptop powered down. The first night I’m home, I completely turn off work because it has had me for the last few days/weeks, and my family now needs my time.

I know that the work will be there in the morning, and if an emergency does arise where anyone would need to get a hold of me, they could.

In my most recent position, I was a consultant and had to travel more than ever. Towards the end of my 3-4 day business trips, I found myself feeling sort of sick to my stomach. I felt out of balance.

For me, I love ending my work day by getting on the floor and playing with my daughters who are presently 1 and a half and 4 and a half years old. When I’m away, in a hotel and working 14-15 hours a day, I miss the the time I get with my wife and kiddos.

The time away motivates me even more to put down all technology when I arrive and replace them with play, hugs and kisses. Business travel is necessary for many, and it’s vitally important to remember to love on your family when you get back!

So, take this advice: work hard, enjoy your kids, enjoy your wife (or husband!) and live a happy life. šŸ™‚

Photo credit: mikebaird