Do you ever call on your smartphone?

Mobile phone customers that have made the switch over to smartphones quickly realize the smartphone’s utility. With core functionality and applications, the device can replace many other gadgets in our life..including your alarm clock, your point and shoot camera and maybe even your watch.

So, smartphone owners – do you ever actually make any phone calls on your smartphone?  Reading The Telegraph recently, I spotted a fun study that analyzes how smartphone owners use their beloved phones.

According to the study, browsing the web, using social media, listening to tunes and playing games are the top activities smartphones are used for.  Making and recieing calls ranks 5th!  That’s quite humorous to me, but it points to trends I see first hand.

Many of my friends and family use their smartphone less to talk in to and many have taken up text messaging, Facebook messaging and even emails as alternatives to traditional phone calls.

Additionally, more than half of respondents say their smartphone has replaced their alarm clock and just under half say they no longer carry a watch.

So..what do you use your smartphone the most for?

Photo credit: twicepix