TripAdvisor: Travelers toting more tech

You may think of TripAdvisor as a handy app and online service for checking reviews on hotels for your next trip. I certainly use TripAdvisor in combination with Yelp to  research hotels, restaurants and grocery stores and more on trips I take for business and leisure.

TripAdvisor just released an air travel survey that included more than 1,000 American respondents. The survey yielded some interesting results on frequency of flying and tech habits while hitting the road (or air).

Survey says:

In a sign that the economy is finally strong enough for Americans to fly more and take trips, 91% of respondents say they plan on flying domestically in 2012, compared to 84% for the year prior. International flights should be fuller too, as 65% of respondents said they will fly out of the country.

The more interesting aspect of the study, for me, is how travelers utilize technology while threy travel. Here are some interesting bits:

  • Half of all flyers use their smartphone to check flight status, up from 30% the year prior.
  • We also love using our mobile to check in while on the go – with 30% saying they use their mobile to check-in to their flight.
  • 1 in 4 travelers say iPads and other tablets are a must-have item while traveling.
  • We like to remain anti-social once on the plane: with 76% saying they prefer to keep to themselves while in-flight.

My observations

These stats are hard to verify with quality, but I’ve been traveling a lot for work in the last 5 months and I take note of mobile technology and how it influences travelers. In my experience, I notice a lot of iPads and even more Kindle devices while in flight.

For those who don’t have tablets, I see people young and old playing Angry Birds on their phones along with Soduku and other games to pass the time.

What do you notice while traveling?

Image credit: raneko

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