Carbon for Windows Phone updated to version 1.2

I’ve already stated that Carbon for Windows Phone is my favorite Twitter client for Windows Phone. Adding to this, on Monday the Twitter client took a leap forward as version 1.2 of the software came out.

On Monday, a nCarbon for WPew version of Carbon was released that gave us, amongst other features, inline video previews.

The developer has been hard at work and here are the other features that are now a reality that 1.2 has been released:

  • Read It Later bug that failed to save links to Read It Later service
  • Timeline context menu bug
  • Camera share bug that did not select pictures from Pictures hub
  • Broken image upload
  • List Timelines on Quickline Bug where it didn’t load older Tweets when tapping on “More”
  • Minor changes & bug fixes with Live Tiles
  • Default Image service changed to Twitpic instead of Twitter(to be reverted back soon)
  • Quickline bug that did not load all of the lists
  • General cache, and storage fixes/enhancements
  • Smoother Timeline scrolling experience and faster image fetching
To me, Carbon for WP is still the best Twitter client on Windows Phone. In fact, it’s the best $2.00 you’ll spend in the Windows Marketplace.

I’m anxious for future versions whereby the developer has promised Push Notifications of @ messages and direct messages. I’m anxious to check out this soon-to-be released functionality.

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