AT&T’s 4G LTE is amazing

I have had an AT&T Elevate 4G mobile hotspot for a few weeks now. I’ve used it in and around Portland, Oregon and have had good speeds – typical for HSPA.

However, I just returned from a trip to Indianapolis, IN where AT&T has built out a 4G LTE network. I connected to the Elevate from my MacBook Air. With the Elevate, you can hook up to 5 devices to one Elevate.

So, how did the Elevate perform?  In a word, stunningly!  See the speedtest below:

Indianapolis Elevate Speedtest

So, I’m getting about 15Mb/s down and 13 up.  I kept doing speedtests over the course of 4 hours and got similar numbers each and every time.

For comparison, my Sprint 4G/3G MiFi unit gets about 4Mb/s down and 1.4 Mb/s up on a good day. Typically the numbers are half that.

Before I had the Elevate, I wasn’t a believer in 4G LTE technology but now, I’m sold.

How about you – have you experienced a 4G LTE network?  What are your thoughts?