Review: Targus Stylus for iPad


The iPad is an amazing device that has changed my oTarguspinion of portable computing forever.  Navigating and using a full touch experience has been amazing and fun all in thebreath.

However, sometimes I don’t want to utilize my fingers. There are times, whether when I’m cooking and have dirty hands from working outside where a pen-like device would be great. Also, if you’re taking notes in a meeting or drawing notes where a stylus would be very handy.

Targus makes a Stylus that drew my curiosity. I chose the Targus Stylus for iPad to try out, my thoughts follow.

Touch and feel

The Targus stylus is 5 1/8 inches long and has a nice soft rubberized tip that won’t scratch the screen. One thing I like is that this stylus works on any touch screen device, including your touch screen mobile phone, an iPod Touch.

This Targus stylus feels good in the hand – it’s made of aluminum and is solid. It has a balanced weight that is perfectly suited for writing and using on the iPad.

To test out the Stylus, I downloaded a few drawing apps from the, most notably the Wacam application that allows me to write freely. I liked drawing notes, thoughts and flow charts on my iPad in full color.

The Targus stylus is a perfect compliment to my iPad and is a very good Stylus. One thing I noticed about the Targus stylus is that the weight is heavy enough so you don’t feel it necessary to rest your palm on the iPad while you’re writing.

Bottom line

The Targus stylus is perfect for writing, sketching, navigating and drawing down your paper notes. I highly recommend this device if you’re seeking a stylus for your iPad. Even though it’s only $15, this stylus is a premium product.


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