Apple Fans: PlugBug Is Your New Best Friend

PlugbugThere are a few must-have items that make my trips easy. The Monster outlets-to-go, Boingo Wi-Fi Service and Sprint MiFi are a few examples of travel companions I pack first when I travel for business or leisure.

I have come across a new item that I need to make room in my bag for…although not too much room as this is a very small product. PlugBug is an innovative power adapter for your Macbook laptop (regardless of which MacBook model you have) that can also power and your charge your iPod at the same time.

As frequent travelers know, power outlets can often be hard to come by. Also, if you have two devices to charge, such as your MacBook computer plus your iPad, who wins?

With the PlugBug, both devices can win as the PlugBug just snaps in to your MacBook power supply and provides you with a 10 watt USB powered plug suitable for any device (Apple or otherwise) that can charge via USB.

There are similar products on the market that provide a ‘powered’ USB outlet, but the iPad is unique that it needs a full 10 watts of power, with the PlugBug supplies.

For those wanting to check it out, the PlugBug is available for $34.99 at many locations, including,


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