Review: OtterBox Defender Case For BlackBerry PlayBook

As a gadget owner, I look to take care of my electronic tools and toys. This extends to my BlackBerry PlayBook as well. On its PlayBook is already a pretty rugged device. It has a tough glass exterior on the front and an already tacky and easy to grab rubber backing on the rear of the tablet.

However, I like to carry my PlayBook with me when I go out to coffee shops, during travel and just generally on the go. I constantly worry about the PlayBook getting scratched or damaged while in my backpack.

PlayBook has a soft pouch of a case it comes with, but I like to cram phones, books and notebooks into my bag, along with the PlayBook, making it a somewhat hostile place for my PlayBook.

When I decided to look for cases, the OtterBox line came recommended from my Twitter followers, so I decided to give the protective case a go. Enter the OtterBox Defender Series for BlackBerry PlayBook.

The Defender series is one that provides a high degree of protection for your device, while preserving it’s style and function. The Defender offers three layers of protection, including a silicon cover that surrounds the device, a shield that protects the touch screen from scratches and nicks and a plastic outer core that gives a little more protection and completes the look of this case.

Suiting your PlayBook in the case

Installing the Defender case on your PlayBook will take only a minute or two. The first step is to put the PlayBook in the plastic casing that the PlayBook fits in perfectly. Then you can wrap the PlayBook in the silicon outer shell. Simply pull the silicon shell around the corners of the PlayBook and then tuck in the sides so it fits in properly, then you can attach the other pieces.  The process is fluid and goes very quickly.

Cases getting in the way

On mobile phones, sometimes I avoid cases for devices because a) they add bulk to the device unnecessarily and b) they inhibit operation of the device, hindering my ability to access buttons, headphone jacks and cameras, for example.

In OtterBox’s case, the company has carefully engineered the Defender case for PlayBook to not be in the way. You have full access to buttons and the headphone jack is easily accessible by simply removing the door. The Defender case is protective and functional at the same time.

A stand built in, too

OtterBox has solved another usability issue with this case that plagues tablet owners. That is, if you’re on a plane or trying to view your PlayBook on a tabletop, how do you do it if you don’t want to hold it constantly?

The Defender case has a snap on piece that, at first glance, looks like it merely protects the front of the device. However, snap it off and pull out the built-in stand for a usable display stand for the PlayBook. The display angle is perfect for watching movies or showing otherwise using the device to surf the web or send email.

Wrapping up

The Defender by OtterBox will protect your BlackBerry PlayBook protected and looking sharp all at the same time. At around $70 list price (currently around $40 on, the Defender case will protect your beloved PlayBook against drops, dings, scratches and any other force that would injure your tablets beautiful exterior.


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