Much Needed Google TV Update Coming

I’ve had a Google TV for most of this year. I was super excited about the potential of the device that was supposed to merge Internet content on to my regular TV experience.

As a Roku user, I  was already used to the idea of streaming Amazon and Netflix content to my TV, which is great.  Google TV was supposed to take the experience a bit further by bring the Internet to into my living room.

I have enjoyed having a browser on my 47″ Vizio TV, but other than that, Google TV has offered no advantage for me over the Roku devices. In fact, I was just about to rip the GoogleTV powered Logitech Revue box out of my entertainment system over the weekend.

This all changed with a recent blog post from Google this morning.  Finally, after waiting all summer, a new version of Google TV software is being pushed out. This weekend and next week, Revue boxes will receive a much-needed revamped user interface along with Apps from the Android market.  According to GigaOm, there will be close to 1,800 applications available at launch time.

The update will include a simplified programming guide, in the form of a TV and movies application that offers access to live TV listings as well as online sources for content.  That is, search for “Mary Poppins” and the app will show you live listings (if they exist at that time) and the ability to stream it from sources such as Amazon or Netflix.

Also, GoogleTV will be receiving an updated YouTube client that will replace the very awkward client that currently exists on the platform.

Android Market is coming and will include apps from sources such as QVC for Google TV, AOL HD, Fox News, Wall Street Journal Live, Pandora, Clicker and Twitter. But there will be the ability to install apps from the general Market as well.

Please Google TV, please make my cable TV experience suck less now.  🙂