Fall 2011: Top Apps for Travelers

For those who are regular readers of this website, you all know that I take pride in being a regular contributor the Rudy Maxa Show. This top radio show is squarely aimed at anyone interested in travel, whether as a regular activity or anyone who has an upcoming trip. To hear my past appearances on the show, check out my Radio page.

Tuday, on the Rudy Maxa show, I presented the top travel applications for this Fall traveling season. Here is a summary for those who listened to the show and want more information.

Airline applications
Alaska Airlines and United both released new versions of the company’s mobile applications which now let you buy a ticket in the app but also do mobile ticketing as well. Yes, this means no more having to print off your ticket before you leave. This utility has been available in European countries for some time but is now becoming more common in the United States, thank goodness.
Staying in touch while abroad
Facetime: iPod Touch devices, iPads, and iPhones can do full video conferencing with another Apple devices, no matter where they are in the world. However, this is only available in the Apple ecosystem.
Skype: yes Skype has been around forever, but now on iPad, newer Android phones and for iPhone, we can do full video calling free of charge with other iPhones and any computer running Skype. This means you can do full face to face video with any computer and most mobile devices. This is a very cool feature that keeps you in touch while you’re off on your next journey.
1000 Experiences
From Lonely Planet, this rich iPad app is now available and gives your vacation some added flair with the publications top recommended experiences. The ventures are shown with wonderful images and insights from travel authors and video highlights of journeys the world over.
In a nice city and need some grub? Let Urbanspoon direct you no matter where you are. You can filter selections based on price, cuisine and neighborhood. Ratings come from newspapers, food critics and fellow diners.
FlightTrack Pro 
This app will help you keep on task at the airport when it comes to your flight. Simply forward the confirmation email to the service and it keeps you up to date on delays and other schedule changes with push notifications. FlightTrack Pro is available in the iTunes app store.
Nokia Maps
Absolutely the best map app all around. Yes it does maps and routing and all. However, Nokia Maps stands out with its ability to allow you to download maps before you go; making it possible to navigate while abroad without a data connection – just take your (Nokia) phone and go!