Skype Now Available for iPad

I’m a huge fan of my Apple iPad. In fact, aside from my MacBook Pro itself and my mobile phone(s), it’s my most used device, both at work and at home.

Being a regualar Skype user, though, I’ve had a hole in my iPad usage; the lack of an adequate application for the iconic tablet. As of a day or so ago, this hole is now alleviated with Skype for iPad.

The new Skype client for the 10″ tablet is customized for the iPad’s screen and resolution. If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad 2 with onboard camera, you can use video chat whilst on the go in portrait and landscape mode. The user interface is beautiful and quite usable.  I really enjoy the voice quality, ability to send instant messages, and simple view when it comes to viewing contacts. You can also send uber-cheap SMS the world over with the application, using Skype cheap cheap rates.

I did some testing by calling folks around the world (New York, London and Mumbai) and the voice quality was excellent every time. I can’t speak to the video quality as I don’t have a new iPad…have you made a video call on the iPad? Please leave a comment below if you can speak to that experience.

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