14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes in June

I’ve talked a fair amount about QR codes and how to use them. These quick response (QR) codes are barcodes that enable users to launch a link, import a contact, prompt to send a call. They’re useful when you’re interacting with a business. The number one use I have for QR codes is finding business information when outside a cafe or restaurant – by scanning a QR code, I can see open hours, the menu, specials and reviews.

According to comScore, an online activity analysis firm, QR codes are starting to become mainstream. In June 2011, comScore estimates that 15 million mobile users (about 6% of the mobile carrying population) utilized QR codes. Most users are aged 18-34 and have a household of $100,000 or more, meaning that young affluent smartphone owners are utilizing QR Codes for the most part. Also, most QR use involves barcodes embedded into magazine and newspaper ads. Also, product packages are being scanned while at home or in a store.

These numbers are not uprising as I see QR codes in coupons, ads and other marketing materials constantly now. Marketers have really caught on to the process of extending the reach and effectiveness of their traditional print ads by utilizing a mobile component such as QR codes. Codes are easier to work withthan typing in a link and prompt users with a call to action.

Digging into QR code use a bit more, comScore says that those who use the codes are more likely to be male, young to middle-aged and upper income. More informative charts can be found below: