Sonos Unveils Play:3 Affordable Sound Luxury

Those who know me are aware of one of my main technology brands I love is Sonos. However, one negative things regarding Sonos for many folks is the price barrier. Up until Wednesday, Sonos cost at least $500 to get into your house.

Well with a new product offering called the Play:3, the price barrier is now much lower. The Play:3 is a connected speaker system that Sonos calls the “smaller, sexier, tuck in the corner and blow out all-in-one player”. With the Sonos Play:3, you can stream your entire music library, online music services and favorite radio stations to this wireless speaker system.

The Sonos Play:3 comes in at an attractive price point of just $299 which is a very agressive price point for the functionality these speakers provide. After you get the required Bridge, which is now priced at just $50, you can use up to 15 Sonos devices in your house. The Sonos is controlled by a client either on your computer or even better on your mobile device whether it’s an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone. There’s also an amazing iPad app that I use every day.

Check out the Play:3 below. I will be reviewing the device fully next week when my unit arrives.