HTC Status (Facebook Phone) About To Release

A few months ago, HTC gained some attention by spreading the word about the company’s “Facebook Phones” to be released. Now, the time has come for one of the devices to come to market.

Known as the HTC ChaCha in other geographies, AT&T will releases the HTC Status as of 17 July. The Status is basically an Android phone with a Facebook button in the lower right hand corner that will enable the FAcebook functionality.

With this phone, you can do standard phone functions such as SMS, calls and so forth, but Facebook is integrated throughout the phone including the ability to see Facebook Events in the onboard calendar, contact your Facebook friends via IM and Facebook messages and so forth.

The HTC Status will sell for just $50 on contract and comes with Android 2.3 and HTC Sense, a 2.6″ screen and a 5MP camera and a front-facing camera.

For me, a Facebook-focused phone doesn’t sound useful.  I’d rather take any standard phone and install the Facebook application and not be locked into just this one platform. With Google+, my needs are now far beyond Facebook. However, I think there’s a great crowd who will thirst for this phone.

Does the HTC Status make you want to jump to your AT&T store?