Review: OtterBox Utility Latch for iPad

As an owner of an Apple iPad, I have found so much utility for this device. The iPad is great for web browsing while on the go, reading and to responding emails, being entertained with movies and music and everything in between. Additionally, as a result of having an iPad, my daughter has become absolutely addicted to several apps that she loves.

Also, as road warriors, my wife and I have to be inventive in how we entertain our 3 and a half year old. The iPad has come to mind, but I don’t feel comfortable giving the iPad to my little angle because I don’t want to be dropped or mishandled as the car bounces and flies down the road.

A new offering from OtterBox is a promising package. The Utility Latch accessory is meant to be a multiple purpose way to hold or mount your iPad to your hand while demo-ing an app or website, to your headrest for passengers in your car or other situation where your iPad needs to be stationary. The Latch adds a layer of safety to your iPad by allowing you to strap the iPad to your hand or hang it form your neck, much like a camera strap. The straps used by Utility Latch  are heavy-duty and made out of very sturdy elastic.

There are a few ways to employ the Utility Latch including:

  • Lanyard: allows you to interact with the iPad in either landscape or portrait view, hanging from your neck.
  • Large adjustable strap: for use in the car to hold the iPad to a headrest.
  • Handstrap: for holding the iPad firmly in your hand. The strap is padded for a comfortable fit in your hand.

Putting Utility Latch To The Test

To gauge whether the Latch system worked, I loaded up the iPad with videos and apps for my daughter to use while we took a recent weekend road trip. The system easily attached to the iPad (I chose to just attach the system straight to the iPad without any case involved) using the instructions included in the retail package.

Also, the large adjustable strap is very adaptable to any car, it worked seamlessly in our Ford Escape. With the iPad loaded with media and situated in a place where my daughter to view it, we were ready to roll.

As you can see in the photo, the Utility Latch wisely attached to the iPad, without obscuring the video or display of the iPad screen itself. Using this excellent OtterBox accessory, one has easy access to the iPad for whatever use you want. My daughter loves being able to watch the iPad and my wife and I assured that our expensive $500 device is safely attached to the car without the possibility of falling off.

The Utility Latch is a must have utility for anyone who wants to anchor their iPad either in the car or in your hand while you demo an application or show someone an item on your iPad. I also found the Utility Latch to be of use when I was in a booth at a conference, showing off a web application to perspective partners.

The Utility Latch from Otterbox is available at and other retailers. List price is $49.95, which in my opinion, is worth it considering the amount of protection the Latch provides whilst you are on the go.

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