Survey Says: Moms Love Their Smartphones

BabyCenter (a site dedicated to parenting and child rearing) recently published a study called the 2011 Mobile Mom Report. It shows what anyone who’s been to a playground or soccer game recently has already seen: today’s savvy moms love their smartphones and the utility these portable computers present.

Looking at the statistics, a few interesting trends appear. First of all, smartphone adoption amongst moms has risen 64% in less than two year. More than half (53%) of all moms bought a smartphone as a result of becoming a Mom and 73% of motherly smartphone users sought advice from other moms about which phone to buy. The study was conducted by asking more than 5,000 US moms and members of the general population about mobile usage and habits.

How do moms utilize their smartphones? Like other smartphone carrying pros, BabyCenter found that moms love having the address book and text messaging on the go. Also, moms love to utilize the still and video camera. More than half of moms have 10 or more apps installed on their phones, and about 1/4 of all the apps are for their kids.

As far as apps go, Mom now user her smartphone for health and wellness by tracking her family’s health and looking up health conditions and symptoms. Also, moms are updating status on social networking sites (54%) and reading social newsfeeds (56%).

Marketers will love the fact that mothers are also using their phones to check out deals such as Groupon and other shopping links. In terms of mobile ads, 46% of mobile moms have taken an action after seeing an ad on their mobile device, making mobile an attractive channel for marketers and advertisers, or anyone trying to get a message out to this demographic.

(Photo Credit: Flickr User Flickmor)

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