comScore Affirms: Android Owns Smartphone Space

A few weeks ago, some numbers came out from Canalys saying that Android was now the number one market share for smartphones in the United States. I didn’t buy into it as I find that firms numbers to be suspect all around.

However, comScore has released its figures recently and affirmed the results. In the period from October 2010 and January 2011, 65.8 million people in the US owned smartphones during that time, up 8 percent in the prior three-month period. Google’s Android OS led the way wit ha 31.2 percent market share, followed by RIM with 30.4% and Apple hanging on to 24.2%.

It should be noted that Android is eating a way at iOS marketshare, but more importantly, iOS is starting to take away share from RIM. The market share battle appears to be a three-way race at this point.

According to the study, 234 million Americans aged 13 or over owned a mobile phone and used it during the period. Samsung led the way for hardware manufacturers with 25%, followed by LG at 20.8% and Motorola at 16.5%, showing that a variety of hardware manufacturers help Android get a high market share.

So, what do people do on their phones? It seems 69% of Americans send text messages while only 37% utilize the mobile browser. Almost a third download and utilize applications and a forth utilize social networking or blog reading.