Review: Epson Artisan 835 All-In-One

Epson Artisan 835 Review


The Artisan 835 is a follow up in the series that previously featured the Artisan 800.The Artisan series of all-in-one devices is aimed at the home market with added emphasis on photo and scanning quality.  It performs all of the functions of an all-in-one printer including scanning, faxing, copying and printing.

The Artisan 835 boasts some really interesting features including the ability to print 9.5 pages per minute and the ability to print a 4×6 image in 10 seconds.

Also, the 835 model features a whopping 8″ touch screen and full support for memory cards, USB sticks for easy printing without even involving a computer.  Epson includes Wi-Fi on this model, meaning you can put the unit anywhere and print from your Windows or Mac (I’ve used both flawlessly with this printer) without having to be wired to the computer via cable.

Out of The Box Setup

Epson has included everything needed to get started with this printer all in the box.  The beautiful printer has a glossy black exterior and comes with all the necessary cords and quick start guides.

Set up involves unboxing the printer, attaching a power cable (and USB cable if you don’t want to use wireless printing via Wi-Fi), and installing the 6 (yes there are 6 ink cartridges) cartridges of ink.  All of the necessary materials are in the box, getting you up and running without having to buy ink right off the bat.

I had the Artisan 835 out of the box and set up on my wireless network in about 15 minutes.  For those unfamiliar with setting up such a printer, the process is aided by quick start guides and the easy-to-use touch interface on the printer.  Using the touch screen, you can get the printer on your wireless network by entering your network password and other details.

Daily Operation

The all-in-one printer has so many features and pieces of functionality that the average family has so many options with this device.  For me, my main uses are photocopying documents as needed, wireless printing and scanning and the ability to make excellent photo prints.

The Artisan 835 features a printer tray that can hold both regular size paper and 4×6 at the same time.  Of course you can alter the size of that the tray holds to adapt to your needs, but 8.5×11 and 4×6 photo paper is what I keep in the device.

Using the Epson supplied software on my Apple Mac and PC computers has been enjoyable and trouble-free.  The Artisan 835 has an automatic duplexer meaning I can print double sided – a very nice feature if you’re trying to save paper.

The Epson Artisan 835 is a breeze to use. Whether you’re scanning, printing or merely making a photocopy of a document – the onscreen menus have been designed with ease-of-use in mind. I would even venture to say that my mother could use the 835 w/o calling me (perhaps that’s going a bit far 🙂

Print Quality

With scanned images and printing out full digital prints, I have been absolutely blown away with the quality on the Artisan 835.  This printer is fast and produces eye popping sharp and accurate images.  Color depth is rich and the contrast makes colors pop.

Concerns and Issues

One huge concern of mine with the Artisan 835, and the prior model I once reviewed, is ink cost. This Epson all-in-one seems to gobble through ink, making it quite expensive to print images in full beautiful color. The Artisan 835 takes 6 different cartridges, allowing you to only replace the color you need.

I would recommend only printing text documents in black and white to save on color ink.


This Artisan 835 is a tremendous value for the amazing features it gives you. I use the Epson model as my daily printer and thoroughly enjoy using it to print smart images of my two young daughters, print business documents (even double sided!) and conduct faxing and scanning as a part of my small business.

This all-in-one does every function I could ever ask of it and is a joy to use.  At around $200, you’re getting so much technology for such a small cost.  Even though ink may be too expensive in my book, this is a necessary evil when owning an inkjet printer of any type.

Check out the Epson Artisan 835 on Amazon.

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